Canada’s first open-air smart living lab to launch in Montreal

Four Quebec-based tech firms have joined forces to launch Canada’s first open-air smart living lab.

Videotron, École de technologie supérieure (ETS), Quartier de l’innovation and Ericsson Canada are looking to test the facets of fifth generation telecommunications.

The lab will be located at the heart of Quartier de L’Innovation and will run live tests of telecommunications products intended to simplify the lives of Quebecers. A statement sent to MobileSyrup states that this initiative will lay the foundations for smart living. Furthermore, the lab will be inclusive, meaning its doors will be open to Montréal tech businesses and developers connected to the ICT industrial ecosystem that want to participate.

As part of the partnership, ETS students will be among the first to enjoy the results of the initiatives tested in the lab in as early as 2017. Students living on campus will get the chance to experience “smart homes,” an environment run based on analysis of the data generated by various objects in the building.

ETS will be contributing to the project through the help of its professors an research as well as serving as a site for experimentation.

“We are very proud to have initiated the creation of this vast smart living lab and to have brought such distinguished partners together around a common objective: the development of an innovation ecosystem in Montréal,” said Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron.

The president went on to say that for Videotron, the lab is an opportunity to further improve the daily lives of consumers’ while creating value for businesses.

The lab will test solutions to Montreal’s urban problems while taking steps to become a smarter city.

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