Netflix knows exactly when Canadians get ‘hooked’ on a series

Netflix has released similar stats before, but this is the first time we’re getting a glimpse at Canadian specific data related to exactly when users get hooked on the streaming content platform’s content.

The hooked episode for Canadian users was the same as the global hooked episode for a number of series including The Fall (ep. 2), Grey’s Anatomy (ep. 2), Love (ep. 3), Making a Murderer (ep. 4), Marvel’s Jessica Jones (ep. 4), Narcos (ep. 3).

Netflix says there are some shows that Canadians caught onto more quickly than the rest of the world though, with Gilmore Girls being a notable example (ep. 5 instead of the global ep. 7). In the case of the Good Wife, Canadians were hooked on ep. 5 rather than the global hook rate of ep. 6.

If you’re interested in learning how Netflix gathers this data, check out the video below where the one and only Bill Nye The Science Guy (my childhood hero) explains the science behind this phenomenon.