Xperia Nougat update roadmap revealed in Sony presentation slide

Back at the end of August, Sony revealed the list of Xperia devices it plans to update to Android Nougat. Thanks to the Xperia Blog, Sony Slovakia and a presentation slide the latter showed off during an event (seen below), we now have a rough idea of when the devices on that list will get the latest version of Google’s operating system.

First on the list is the Xperia X Performance, the company’s current flagship device in Canada. Nougat is set to start rolling out that device sometime next month. The Xperia XZ, one of two new smartphones Sony announced at IFA Berlin at the start of the month, will get Nougat at around the same time — Sony does not currently plan to bring the XZ to Canada.

Sony Xperia Nougat Update Roadmap

One month later, Sony plans to update the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact to Android 7.0. The latter is the second device Sony announced at IFA Berlin. Like the XZ, it’s currently not available in Canada and it iprobably won’t make its way here.

In December, Xperia Z5 owners can expect to finally get their hands on Nougat. The Z3+ and Z4 tablet, both of which did not come to Canada, will get their taste of Nougat at this time as well.

The Xperia XA and Ultra are the final two devices Sony plans to update to Nougat. The timing for when these devices will get Nougat is a vague “early 2017”.

Keep in mind, the dates listed in the presentation can change at any time and carrier certification could delay several of the updates considerably.

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