Get all the news that’s fit to print with Microsoft’s News Pro [App of the Week]

On the hunt for the perfect news aggregating app? Microsoft’s newly launched News Pro might be just the thing.

The app is designed to be personalized, similar to go Google Now, but with an added level of depth. There are ostensibly over one million topics in News Pro to choose from, though it doesn’t offer you an immediate opportunity to dictate which you’re interested in. Instead, you’ll have to search for topics of interest or follow the tags on some of the news you’re served by default.

News Pro is designed to be exceedingly simple to navigate, requiring just some one-handed scrolling. The news seems to be sorted somewhat haphazardly, though that’s not necessarily a negative thing when it comes to holding a user’s attention. It should also become a more tailored feed as you continue to use it.

microsoft news pro

One additional benefit of the app is the ability to markup or comment on an article then share it with a friend.

While Google Now is perhaps more naturally intuitive due to the deep well of personal data contained in your Google account, I could see using News Pro in a more dedicated fashion due to the depth of its sources and content. In other words, it might not be for the casual browser, but news junkies will likely delight in News Pro.

The app was developed by Microsoft’s Garage division and is freely available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.