Amazon introduces Twitch Prime as part of Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime is already a great deal for Amazon customers who want to take advantage of fast shipping, Amazon’s TV and movie collection, photo storage, and Prime deals. The fact that the company keeps adding new and valuable features to the subscription service shows that Amazon is really committed to making Amazon Prime valuable to everyone.

With that in mind, this week Amazon added another bundle of features to a Prime subscription, this time with gamers in mind. Twitch Prime is a set of benefits like discounts on pre-release and new release games, free digital games and in-game bonuses, and a free premium Twitch experience. Just two years after Amazon purchased Twitch, the company has finally settled on the best way it thinks it will be able to provide benefits to Amazon customers and Twitch users.

The benefits of premium Twitch membership include an ad-free experience, special chat badges and other special chat features, and one free Twitch channel subscription (normally $4.99 per month) to support creators. Twitch Prime is available to Amazon Prime users in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, including Prime Students. To link Amazon Prime to an existing Twitch account, users can visit