Google reveals new Google Assistant features at Pixel keynote

Google announced at the Pixel keynote on October 4th that with Google Assistant, it’s building a personal Google for everyone.

Google Assistant will be a machine learning platform that uses image and voice recognition software to conversationally assist Google’s users. Sundar Pichai expressed that Google has been gravitating towards artificial intelligence for the past 18 years.

The AI will be able to help its users with photos phone videos trips calendars, messages, videos, trips and more. Using the phrase “OK Google,” users can ask the Google Assistant to book a trip, send a message and search a phrase, amongst other functionalities.



“Our goal is to build a personal Google for each and every user,” said Pichai.

He referenced Google’s recently released messaging app, Allo, which incorporates Google Assistant. The assistant learns from its experience with users to provide a customized experience. Essentially, this means that the software relies on data.

The developer platform for the Google Assistant will launch in December. Google is also releasing a development package for the Google Assistant called the Google Assistant software development kit (SDK). This will not be available until 2017.

Google Assistant will respond to two kinds of directions; direct actions and conversational actions. Direct actions include simple, direct requests, such as turning on music, smart lamps or playing music.


Conversational actions refer to a discussion between the user and the assistant for the completion of a task, such as booking an Uber.

Google assistant

According to the keynote, Google Assistant will be Google’s next open ecosystem initiative. In addition, the assistant will be able to recommend web content from publishers and suggest YouTube videos based on requests and previous data.

An open developer platform will let anyone build for the Google Assistant, which mimics the trend that several manufacturers have followed in recent device releases.

Furthermore, Google Assistant is built into Google Home and the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Additionally, French Canadians don’t have to wait too long to get in on the fun. Google states that “coming soon in 2017” its AI will be available in French.

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