Ride-sharing license officially grants Uber legal right to operate in Ottawa

Reports indicate that Uber has been granted a license under Ottawa’s new ride-sharing bylaw.

While a new ride-sharing bylaw was introduced in April, though Uber remained unlicensed in the months that followed. Though the bylaw was passed in April, it wouldn’t take effect until the fall of 2016.

On September 30, Uber was officially granted the legal right to operate in Ottawa, though remained unlicensed as the paperwork was sorted out.

Uber received the license that’s been in the making for the past two years on October 4th, . CTV Ottawa, who broke the story, reports that as part of the new bylaw, Uber drivers are required to undergo a police check.

Since the license was officially granted, lineups to receive police checks have been outstandingly long. CTV Ottawa also reports that the Ottawa airport is setting up tools for Uber drivers, who will now be able to drop off and pick up.

This makes Ottawa airport the first airport in Canada to allow that. There will also be designated spots at the airport for ride-sharing services.

More to come.

[source]CTV Ottawa[/source]