Telus and Huawei achieve record speeds during 5G network tests in Vancouver

Telus and Huawei just took another step towards 5G networks in Canada.

After recent tests conducted by Telus in collaboration with Huawei, a network speed of 29.3 Gbps is within reach. These speed tests took place at Huawei’s 5G Living Lab in Vancouver, where city residents will also have access to the earliest technological liberties of 5G network infrastructure.

5G networks enable technologies such as driverless cars; smart homes, businesses, and cities; healthcare innovations, and most obviously, faster wireless connections.

“While we innovate towards the future of wireless standards with our 5G live trial, our feet are firmly rooted in the present; the Living Lab will allow us to deploy continuously faster and more reliable network technologies for our customers in real time,” said Eros Spadotto, vice president of technology and strategy, in a statement.

“We’re still in the early days of determining what the deployment of 5G will look like, but what we do know is that it will be a quantum leap forward in wireless technology and the foundation of future innovations.”

In addition to a successful trial of 29.3Gpbs, Vancouver has been equipped with the latest in LTE-Advanced Pro technologies capable of speeds of up to 1 Gbps -10 times faster than current LTE-Advanced speeds. In the coming weeks, five more sites will be updated with the latest LTE technology.

This announcement is part of Telus’ $1 billion investment to connect Vancouver to the Telus PureFibre network, which provides virtually limitless capacity to support the wireless speeds possible with 5G.

“Huawei’s Canada Research Centre has become one of the global pioneers for 5G technology. The success of the trial today, with a great Canadian partner in Telus, reinforces the important role Canada is playing in leading global 5G technology development,” said Sean Yang, president of Huawei Canada, in a statement.

Multiple Canadian carriers have been conducting 5G trials, including Bell and Rogers Wireless, who’ve also successfully trialled 5G network speeds. In comparison to the United States however, Canada is much closer to achieving the upgraded infrastructure on a national scale. In July, Bell and Nokia collaborated to conduct the first successful trial of 5G technology in Canada.

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