Niantic plans to add new catch bonuses to Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs, the developer behind Pokémon Go, has revealed plans to add a new feature designed to make low-level grinding less of a chore for players.

The way the game works right now, catching Pokémon levels up players through experience gains based on the number of creatures caught as well as how they’re captured. In the near future, however, Pokémon Go will include a catch bonus for earned medals that level up based on the type of Pokemon caught.

While this shift won’t dramatically change the way low-level grinding works in the augmented reality title, it helps make that repetitive process of catching countless Rattatas and Pigeys a little more interesting. Player response to the announcement have been mixed so far, with most fans saying that they’d rather see Niantic put effort into improving other aspects of  Pokémon Go, particularly trading and player vs. player battles.

Are you still playing  Pokémon Go or has your hunt for Pocket Monsters ended? While I still log into the game occasionally, I’m definitely not putting in the weekly hours I used to, even with the Pokémon Go Plus, which, didn’t live up to my expectations.