Apple awarded $120 million in patent case over Samsung

Apple recently won a $120 million jury award in a patent case over Samsung.

The case began in May of 2014 when a verdict directed Samsung to pay Apple $119.6 million for using its ‘slide to unlock,’ autocorrect and quick-link features without permission.

The Globe and Mail reports that the verdict was appealed, and overturned in February of 2016. However, this past week, a jury determined that the original verdict never should have been overturned.

Apple has been once again awarded $119.6 million in an 8 to 3 decision in a surprising conclusion to conclude a patent case that has spanned over two years. The decision was reportedly supported by evidence that the three-judge panels court appeal did not follow U.S. Supreme Court limits on the scope of the review.

In December, a separate patent case forced Samsung to award Apple $548.2 million. That case will be heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

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