Learn a language by talking to one Duolingo’s new chatbots

Duolingo Chatbots

One of the best ways to learn a language is to simply talk to other people who know the tongue. The problem is, it can sometimes be tough to find people who live in the same place you do and speak the language you want to learn, which is where Duolingo’s new chatbots come in.

Starting today, iOS Duolingo users can start texting with a number of different chatbots, each with their own unique personality, to learn French, Spanish and German (support for more languages is on the way). The chatbots will correct the user if they make a mistake, and there’s even a “Help My Reply” button to help you if you get stumped with how to respond to a particular phrase or question.

Silicon Valley has posited chatbots as the way of the future, but so far their utility has seemed limited. With its language bots, though, Duolingo may just show the tech’s full potential.

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