Prisma adds video filters to iOS app, GIF support set to launch soon

Despite being similar to other photo video editing apps, Prisma has evolved into the dominate filtering app in the iOS and Google Play Store. Prisma doesn’t really do anything drastically different when compared to its competitors, it’s just much better at filtering images in a creative and fun way.

Now, video support is set to come to the iOS version of the app. Similar to Prisma’s surprisingly impressive filters, users are able to record a video, or select video from their gallery, and then choose from various effects, changing the tone and colour of the file.

Videos are edited offline on the actual phone and take approximately a minute to finish. Up to 15 second long videos can be filtered using Prisma’s new video editing feature.

While the feature will eventually roll out to both Android and iOS, it’s currently only available in beta for iOS, with only select users currently having access to it. In other Prisma related news, the photo filtering app is getting offline processing in its Android app. Offline processing came to iOS just a few weeks ago.

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