Samsung manages to fit LTE connectivity into tiny smartwatch processor

In a rare moment of positivity for Samsung given the recent controversy surrounding its beleaguered Note 7, the company’s mobile division recently unveiled the Exynos 7 Daul 7270, the first 14-nanometer wearable processor with a built-in LTE modem.

This means that smartwatches featuring data connectivity can now utilize an LTE modem, allowing for faster data transfer in wearables. This means that the next Samsung smartwatch to be released could actually tether to your laptop or smartphone.

According to Samsung, the new, pint-sized chip uses specialized ratification technology’s that allow engineers to squeeze DRAM, NAND flash and power management chips in a small form factor. The chip also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio support and a GPS receiver. Samsung says the chip is 20 percent more power efficient than its last 28-nanometer technology.