Writers from The Onion and Pixar are teaming up to make Google Assistant funny

AI platforms might already be smarter than you, but soon they’ll be funnier too.

Writers from both The Onion and Pixar are working together to make Google’s artificial intelligence platform more personable, or to be specific, funnier.

During Google’s Pixel Keynote on October 4, the company introduced its flagship AI, Google Assistant, which will be used to power its smart home offering, Google Home.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google employs writers from Pixar and The Onion to infuse humour into its AI platform. Furthermore, Google wants its AI to avoid the speech patterns that humans find irritable, such as latency.

While AI platforms have yet to reach the point of true comprehension, as they mostly communicate through scripted responses. Google, however, leans massively on its search database to deliver answers.

Google’s new phone Pixel will be in stores on October 21st, and will be the first device to feature The Google Assistant. Google will reportedly continue to push AI onto all connected its devices within hearing range.

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