Google’s ‘VR-ish’ camera app Sprayscape lets you take spherical photos

Google has released a camera app that lets you capture images within a 360-degree sphere by holding down the camera button as if it were the trigger on a spraypaint can.

The intriguing app’s tagline is “a perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera” and it’s an experimental project that hails from Google’s Creative Lab.

In a blog post released today, senior designer Glenn Cochon writes that the project was inspired by the creative outpouring on the company’s Android Experiments open-source platform for innovative Android projects, which launched last year.

Sprayscape is simple to use and a dangerously fun time-waster. Photos are taken continuously as the user holds their finger down on the camera button. This allows for the easy creation of panoramas and collages that form a full circle, perfect for virtual reality viewing.

At the moment, the resulting — inevitably somewhat grainy — artworks can be shared directly to friends Facebook or through a custom link.

The app is now available for download on Google Play, and the open-source code is available here, for those interested in how the tool was created.

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