Rogers says Unison saved small businesses ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars,’ expands to enterprise

Rogers has over 9 million wireless subscribers and in an effort to expand its reach has also racked up millions of small business customers.

In June, Rogers launched Rogers Unison, a mobile solution that encouraged companies to ditch the desk phone for a wireless solution that gives users the ability to connect from any smartphone, PC, tablet or IP desk phone.

According to a release from Rogers, the carrier is claiming it has “saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to date” for small business owners (29 employees and under) and has now made the offering available to medium and large businesses, and also those in public sector organizations.

Some of the features embedded within Unison include Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Dual Persona, Simultaneous Ring and Voicemail to Email call direction.

“Our medium and large business customers want a solution that offers the right device for the right employee, and Rogers Unison delivers on this need by offering a solution that connects a workforce, whether employees are in the office or working remote. We can deliver these outcomes to customers because we aren’t tied to selling legacy phone systems like those of other providers in the market,” said Nitin Kawale president of Rogers enterprise business unit.