Google Photos learns four new AI-powered tricks (update)


Starting today, Google Photos users who turn to the app’s Assistant panel may notice that the AI-powered image sharing app has learned a couple of new tricks.

Following a server-side update, Assistant, the left-most tab in Photos, will now generate several new prompts to help users organize and re-live their photographic moments.

The first of four new prompts will automatically flip sideways photos to ensure they’re properly oriented. Two other notifications take advantage of Google’s advanced facial recognition algorithms to group photos together. One will surface older photos of an individual the user has taken a lot of images recently, while the other will create a highlight reel of a frequent subject. We’ve reached out to Google to find out if these two features are available to Canadian users; most of the app’s facial recognition functionality is disabled in Canada.

Last but not least, Photos will create short GIFs of videos (example below).

Google Photos

Like all of Photos other features, today’s feature additions are available on Android, iOS and the Photos website.

Update 10/14/16: Google has informed us that all the new features detailed in yesterday’s blog post are available in Canada.

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