Montreal-based Ergonofis looks to change the smart desk with connected devices

Standing desks aren’t new.

You can get them from Ikea, purchase one online or make a makeshift version of one yourself. But not all standing desks are made the same and not all are built with the future in mind.

This is something a smart desk made by Montreal-based Ergonofis wants to change. The desk is made from high-quality materials and is powered by two motors, one in each leg of the standing desk giving it a lifting power of about 250lbs. The desk also features programmable height options that allow you to adjust how you want to work throughout the day.


Now, so far this may seem like a typical standing desk. Sure, the manufacturer says that the desk is made of solid wood and a steel frame, which isn’t the case with all standing desks.

But what makes this desk worth its price tag? Well, the Ergonofis team have plans to connect the desk to various IoT platforms, turning it into a true smart desk. Ergonofis’ co-founder Samuel Finn says that his company has plans to manufacture an add-on that allows the desk to connect to a smart home. The IoT integration is expected to come early 2017 and will be available as an add-on after purchase to current Ergonoqis desk, as well as be available at the time of purchase. There is no word on price just yet, but we are expecting to get information on that in the coming months.


Aside from the desk being a tech lovers dream thanks to IoT integration, there are also proven health benefits to standing, at least partially, over the course of your work day. Making the change to a standing desk may destress your life and help you feel a little more energized throughout your day.

The desk comes in a wide variety of finishes, as well the company has options for accessories like a monitor stand, power supplies and more. Ergonofis’ desk starts at $1,298 CAD and go up depending on the finish.