Samsung mobile chief makes heartfelt apology to Note 7 buyers, vows to earn back trust

On the heels of its early discontinuation of the combustion-prone Note 7, Samsung’s mobile chief Dong-jin Koh (commonly known as DJ Koh in North America) has made a heartfelt apology to Samsung users everywhere.

At a press conference in South Korea on October 13th, the executive admitted he was “frustrated” as were many others involved in the situation, apologized and expressed his gratitude to Samsung loyalists for their support.

He also vowed he would “at any cost find the exact cause [of the faulty Galaxy Note 7] to restore trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns.”

Koh has been at Samsung since 1984 and was appointed president of the company’s mobile communications business in December 2015. In a video interview published by the company in February 2016, shown below, Koh outlines his ambitious plans, stating: “We should try something new, something that’s never done before.”

While the Note 7 certainly did that, recent reports have suggested that the amount of innovative technology added to the device is partly what makes the battery combustion issue so difficult to diagnose.

According to the Korea Herald, however, many Samsung mobile employees are standing by their president, putting up a series of posts on the company’s online message board to support Koh and the company.

This a positive sign for the company, as it’ll need all the internal morale it can muster to make it through what is likely to be a dispiriting financial quarter.

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