Twitter and Buzzfeed are streaming their own US election night special

Having trouble keeping up with ongoing coverage of the U.S. election in Canada?

Twitter and Buzzfeed News are teaming up to stream an election night special on November 8th. This makes for an accessible platform for Canadians to take-in election night results coverage that isn’t tethered to a television, though many Canadian mainstream news stations will also be covering the action. 

Here’s when to tune in across Canada:

  • PST 3pm
  • MST 4pm
  • CST 5pm
  • EST 6pm
  • AST 7pm
  • NST 7:30pm

According to twitter, the platform’s livestream of the second US presidential debate on October 9th reached over 3.2 million unique viewers, which is a 30 per cent increase over their livestream of the first president debate on September 26th.

Twitter is becoming a competitor in live broadcasting after beginning live-streaming sports this past summer with Wimbledon and the PGA.

This growth into live-streaming is proving popular with the younger viewers. Twitter reported that during the second U.S. presidential debate, of the service’s logged-in live viewers, 70 per cent were under the age of 35, and users younger than 25 made up half of all tweets written about the debate.

Decision Desk HQ, election night results service, will be working with Buzzfeed on the program.

The live stream will have traditional advertising packages as well as advertiser sponsored, or promoted, content produced by BuzzFeed.

Image credit: Wikicommons

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