Transport Canada bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all Canadian flights

Note 7

Following the lead of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada has banned Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 from Canadian airline flights.

“Transport Canada is of the view that Special Provision 137 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations applies. Subsection 5 of Special Provision stipulates that it is forbidden to transport lithium ion cells or batteries that are damaged or defective and that, under normal conditions of transport, produce a flame or a dangerous evolution of heat, or produce a dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive or flammable gases or vapours,” writes the federal agency on its website.

Transport Canada goes on to add, “Air carriers should alert passengers to the prohibition against air transport of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, in particular, immediately prior to boarding and to deny boarding to a passenger in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device unless the passenger divests themselves and their baggage, including carry-on and checked, of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device.”

Previously, Transport Canada had advised airline passengers to keep their Samsung Note 7 device with them in the cabin as opposed to within checked luggage. The agency also advised against using or charging the device while in flight.

[source]Transport Canada[/source]