Twitter stocks take a dive after Salesforce pulls out of potential sale

After rumours swirled about several potential Twitter acquisitions, the company’s final hope, Salesforce, has pulled its name out of the running.

When Twitter was first put up for sale, several companies emerged as potential suitors. These parties include Google, Apple, Salesforce and Disney. In recent weeks, however, all parties except Salesforce confirmed that they had retracted their interest in making a purchase.

Twitter’s stock had already fallen by over 20 percent after reports that Google, Disney and Apple planned not to make bids. Salesforce, however, wasn’t out of the running just yet.

Recently, Salesforce too has declined to make a bid, pushing Twitter’s stock down another seven percent. CNN reports that Twitter may have to remain independent until more promising offers surface.

While Twitter apparently laid off eight percent of its staff last year, the company still has over three thousand employees worldwide.

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