VMedia pulls Bell Media channels from its Roku streaming service following cease and desist

Traditional cable providers are fighting a never-ending, ugly battle against streaming video entertainment like Netflix and set-top box providers.

At the beginning of October, Bell Media filed a cease and desist letter against Canadian IPTV provider VMedia. The small company argued that its transmission of CTV programming over the internet should be considered legal, but ceded that with Bell’s legal team and size advantage, it might not be worth fighting the media giant.

As it turns out, the companies have come to a relatively fair stalemate while the court system in Ontario rules on the matter. VMedia has opted to pull its CTV channels off the air during the case, after Bell agreed to cover any damages up to $50,000 for VMedia as a result of doing so. VMedia’s ‘Skinny Basic’ cable package is available through a Roku TV app gives users access to about 20 over-the-air live channels.

For the time being, VMedia will continue to offer its ‘cable’ package without CTV or CTV2, with a court hearing set to take place on November 17th.