Apple scales back driverless ambitions to develop only software

Google driverless car

Apple’s ambitions to lead the way on driverless cars may be limited to software.

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that the company has restructured its driverless cars division, cutting hundreds of jobs in the process. Departing members of Apple’s car team have either been reassigned or let go.

While the moves aren’t public, the company’s initiatives have reportedly shifted from building a car from the inside out to building the software that powers a driverless car. This way, Apple will likely have more opportunity to partner with existing car companies.

Bloomberg attributes the change in direction to new leadership, which has led to several hires which represent the department’s new direction. In addition, Apple has given the car team a deadline of late next year to prove the “feasibility of the self-driving system,” reports Bloomberg.

Project Titan, the codename for Apple’s autonomous vehicle initiative, continues to evolve and shrink as Bloomberg estimates that it no longer plans to develop a electric car to compete with companies such as Tesla.

Apple is not the first tech company to set its sights on partnering with members of the auto sector. Google-parent-company Alphabet and ride-hailing company Uber have taken similar paths to building out their own driverless car ambitions.

Apple launched Project Titan in September of 2014, according to reports. It’s important to note that Apple has yet to acknowledge that it’s running a secret car project. While the Cupertino tech company entered the space with high hopes and lofty ambitions, it seems they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

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