Calgary to consider new measures that could lure Uber back to the city

Following the lead of municipal governments in Canadian cities like Ottawa and Toronto, Calgary is considering passing new, more favourable ride-sharing bylaws in order to lure Uber back to the city.

Later this week, the city’s Livery Transport Advisory Committee will vote on a report that recommends city council overhaul the existing fee structure and application process it has in place for companies like Uber, reports the CBC.

Under the city’s current set of ride-share bylaws, companies that wish to operate within the city are required to pay a yearly $1,753 fee. They must also pay a $220 fee for every driver they have on the road. When the bylaws were passed this past February, Uber said they were unworkable.

“The model as presented and approved by last council needed some tweaks, and so I am very heartened by the fact that we have reflected on the fact that it hasn’t worked to date, and that we are making some tweaks to the system so that companies like Uber can enter the system,” said Councilor Evan Woolley in an interview with the CBC.

The report under consideration suggests Calgary ride-share companies pay an administrative fee based on the number of drivers they have working for them, a per driver license fee and a per trip fee.

An Uber spokesperson told the CBC the San Francisco-based company is eagerly awaiting to see how the vote pans out.

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