Apple will reportedly debut a new e-ink display based keyboard in 2018


With a 2016 Apple Mac event creeping closer, more news about future Apple products are coming to light. In the latest round of Apple news, the company is reportedly looking to turn the keyboard industry on its head with a new keyboard based on e-ink technology, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The keyboard will come in two year’s time as part of the company’s 2018 Macbook Pro lineup, reports the WSJ.

The keyboard tech Apple is said to be using is developed by Sonder Design Pty Ltd., an Australian startup backed by Foxconn.

Sonder’s e-ink keyboard is able to shift its layout depending on the current need of the user. For Photoshop users, for example, the keyboard could show various tools directly on the keyboard, obviating the need for the user to remember complicated keyboard shortcuts.


Similarly, this type of keyboard could be of great use to people who know more than one language.

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