Leef’s iBridge 3 expands your iPhone or iPad’s storage


Leef’s new iBridge 3 is a small device that plugs into the iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port in order to add external storage to the device.

The iBridge 3 could be useful for those who are reluctant to pay for additional iCloud storage as well as anyone still using a 16GB iPhone, which is likely still a significant number of people.


Leef says its external storage device can be integrated with various forms of cloud storage, including iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. Different types of files, including photos and video, can be placed on the iBridge3, all secured with either a passcode or Touch ID via the company’s Leeflock.

Pricing for the iBridge 3 is as follows: 16GB – $79.99 CAD, 32GB – $99.99, 64GB – $149.99 and 128GB – $229.99

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