Cortana is hinting at what to expect from Microsoft’s upcoming Surface event

In anticipation of Microsoft’s Surface event on October 26th, 2016, the company’s AI assistant Cortana is serving up some clues regarding what to expect, all of which further the company’s event tagline: “Imagine what you’ll do.”

If users tell Cortana “spark my imagination,” the AI responds with interesting facts related to creativity. The facts reference influential figures like novelist Gertrude Stein and inventor George de Mestral.

“Artistic hobbies foster creative problem solving,” reads one response, “Research shows that Nobel-laureate scientists are more likely to draw, paint or play an instrument.”

cortana 2

These anecdotes make sense considering the rumours that Microsoft may debut a Surface All-in-One (AIO) PC which, according to prominent Microsoft tipster Mary Jo Foley, could be positioned as a device that can “turn your desk into a studio.”

The new Surface AIO could also feature a heavy focus on 3D object creation, with an overhauled Paint app and the Surface-branded peripherals necessary for design. This, of course, may all link in with Microsoft’s Hololens augmented reality headset.

This idea seems to be hinted at by yet another of Cortana’s quotes: “Constraints can inspire creativity. Since 3D printers are too small to print an entire dress, designers found a way to print a dress while folded.”

In addition to the Surface AIO and announcements focused on Windows 10, Windows Central expects to see the debut of a smart assistant speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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