Samsung confirms Note 8 in development, says Korean Note 7 customers will get half off new smartphone

Note 7

Samsung will continue to make Note-branded smartphones, the company announced today, and will even offer Korean Note 7 customers an incentive to buy the next iteration of its stylus-enabled smartphone.

In a statement issued on Monday (written in Hangul), the company confirms it’s working on the Note 8 and says Korean customers who trade in their Note 7 for either a flat-screen or curved-screen version of the Galaxy S7 can subsequently trade up to a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 when those two smartphones launch next year. Samsung adds those customers will get 50 percent off the Note 8 if they decide to take the company up on its offer.

Samsung discontinued production of the Note 7 earlier this month when a number of replacement units, featuring a supposedly safe battery, caught fire in the U.S.

Samsung has yet to decide whether it will offer the 50 percent discount to Note 7 customers in other markets, the company says it will depend on the situation in each country. It declined to elaborate further.

Update 10/24/16: MobileSyrup reached out to Samsung to see if the offer might extend to Canada. A representative of the company responded with a statement that indicates it likely will not, further reiterating that the offer is market-dependent.

“With regards to your inquiry, Samsung Canada remains focused on the exchange and refund of all Note7 devices,” said Samsung Canada, “Additional offerings vary by country.”

Story contributed to by Rose Behar.

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