Twitter reportedly set to cut 300 jobs this week


A year ago, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he “made some tough but necessary decisions that enable Twitter to move with greater focus and reinvest in our growth.” At the time the real-time platform slashed 336 people from its workforce, which represented approximately 8 percent.

A report in Bloomberg reveals the company could be making this act an October habit as its sources revealed Twitter may cut upwards of 300 people. This time the number of cut staff once again is about 8 percent of its total workforce. The finer details may be announced sometime this week, possibly before its third-quarter earnings on Thursday.

Twitter declined to comment on the report.

Twitter has been in talks with several companies regarding a sale, specifically Salesforce, Disney, and Alphabet (Google). However, all decided not to move forward with the transaction various reasons.

Twitter recently hired new talent to lead its Canadian operations, specifically Rory Capern, Jennifer Hollett and Laura Pearce.

Overall, Twitter has over 300 million users worldwide and has struck up partnerships to stream live professional sports games with the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and streamed the Presidental debates between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.