Microsoft is likely preparing to launch its own version of Slack

When Microsoft first hinted at launching a Slack competitor, it was internally known as Skype Teams.

However, Microsoft has recently confirmed that it will launch the service as Microsoft Teams at an upcoming event in New York City. This development comes shortly after Facebook launched its office communication app called Workplace.

Furthermore, there are rumours that Microsoft reportedly passed up an opportunity to acquire Slack, saying it would focus on developing Skype instead. TechCrunch reported the story back in March, 2016, stating that the Canadian office communication company was valued at over $8 billion.

Microsoft Teams

However, Microsoft had already acquired several enterprise companies, including Skype, which provided it with the tools the tech giant would need to adequately compete with Slack. It seems, however, that Microsoft may have missed the mark.

Like Slack and Workplace, Microsoft Teams is also a web-based char service for colleagues or peers. Leaked photos have confirmed that the platform resembles Slack.

Though Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed that it’s working on a Slack competitor, the service is already available at teams.microsoft.com. This announcement will likely accompany several others at an Office event in New York City on November 2nd.

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