Pre-movie gaming app TimePlay gets serious with interactive distracted driving campaign

TimePlay, everyone’s favourite pre-movie cinema activity, has launched an interactive storytelling feature in its app to generate awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.

The feature, ‘Choices,’ is a short film that uses real-time interactive storytelling. Audience members use the app to suggest what decisions the protagonist of the film should make. The story abruptly ends, however, with the protagonist dying in a car crash as a result of distracted driving. The audience is then asked to publicly pledge never to text and drive, at which point their names appear on the big screen.

“TimePlay’s interactive platform has proven to empower and engage users across all its campaigns. With ‘Choices’, the audience can create their own story, which increases their involvement in the content and ultimately the message to not text and drive,” said TimePlay CEO and President Jon Hussman in a press release.

The campaign, which was created by Taxi advertising agency co-founder Paul Lavoie on behalf of the Voila Foundation, will run in select Cineplex theatres until October 28th. On October 20th, TimePlay announced that the interactive story had played through in front of over one million moviegoers, 69 percent of whom followed through and made the pledge.

Other organizations involved with the provocative project include Canadian charity Parachute and the Ontario Principals’ Council.