Shopping report highlights difficulties with checking out over mobile

Online shopping isn’t nearly as scary to most consumers as it was a few years ago, with many cell phone users feeling generally comfortable with making purchases via their mobile phones. When a mobile purchase is abandoned these days, the problem is more related to a bad mobile shopping experience, issues during checkout, or confusing interfaces leading people to give up and potentially try purchasing later on their desktop computers.

A report out this week from Mobify is the first of its kind for mobile commerce, looking to highlight some of the biggest common problems online retailers face as their customers move to phones for more shopping.

One key point from the report show that specific product pages tend to get more hits than a site’s landing page, because search will tend to drop customers directly onto a product. This means that 80 percent of all visits to a shopping site will start from a product page. The report also shows that 44 percent of checkouts on mobile are abandoned during the process, typically because of friction related to the login process, entering shipping or billing info, and confusing or uninformative cart review pages.

The report highlights the fact that purchases typically work differently on mobile as compared to desktop environments, and that marketers and businesses need to be aware of how customers get to their shopping pages, and where they might choose to abandon purchases. Most customers probably have at least one story about a lousy mobile shopping experience, and as cell phones become the primary computer for everyday consumers, businesses would be well served to optimize their shopping experiences for those buyers.

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