Soylent stops powdered meal sales after more customers get sick

Following a voluntary recall of its food bar, Soylent has halted sales of its powdered meal replacement. The company says that a handful of its customers — less than 0.1 percent, according to Soylent — have experienced symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea after consuming Soylent 1.6. Given that those are the same symptoms that a number of individuals reported after eating the company’s food bars, Soylent has launched an investigation into the meal replacement.

The company says it has tested both its powdered meal replacement and food bars for food pathogens, toxins and outside contaminants. Those tests came back negative, according to Soylent, leading the company to believe a number of ingredients specific to those two products are responsible for making people sick. Soylent 1.5, the previous iteration of the company’s powdered meal replacement, does not contain those ingredients.

“If you have used Powder 1.6 without incident, we see no reason to stop enjoying it,” says the company.

In the meantime, Soylent says it’s working on “reformulating” Soylent 1.6 and its food bars. If all goes according to plan, both products should be back on the market by Q1 2017.

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