Canopy turns Amazon into Pinterest in the best way possible [App of the Week]

I went through a brief Pinterest phase about four years ago but it didn’t stick. I just couldn’t help but think, what’s the point? Why am I sorting these cool things into categories? If it’s for memory’s sake — so that I can go back and try making a DIY t-shirt or baked good – I’m realistic enough to know that will never happen. What’s more likely to happen is that I’ll go buy a t-shirt and a baked good. That’s why Canopy is far more up my alley.

Canopy brings social curation to Amazon browsing. The community curates interesting Amazon items through liking product and creating collections. The app also lets users follow each other and comment on items. It’s minimal, super easy to use and if you end up feeling inspired by a post you can just click through and purchase it immediately. The only down-side is that items may not always be available on the Canadian store, due to the app’s many American users. I didn’t run in to that problem when trying out the app, however.

My favourite aspect of the app is the categories section – where you can browse through sections like ‘Artwork’ or ‘Bath.’ There are also category sections for gifts and brands, making it exceedingly easy to find what you like. Since it’s still a fairly young app, the selection is a bit limited, but what’s available is high-quality and thoughtfully arranged.

Canopy is freely available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded here.