Nintendo Switch comes equipped with a 6.2-inch multi-touch display

Last week, Nintendo revealed its new console called the Nintendo Switch. The new device seems set to offers more varied capabilities than any handheld video game console that’s come before it, allowing users to take it on the go, but also dock the Switch in a base and play it on a television. While little is known about the Switch right now, as the days pass, we’re slowly learning more about Nintendo’s successor to the Wii U.

This week, several sources have stated that the Switch actually comes equipped with a multi-touch display, a feature that was not mentioned during the console’s initial reveal. It was also revealed that the system’s screen 6.2-inches across and features a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

It’s unclear exactly how much of the Switch’s functionality will actually rely on touch interactions since the device also comes with detachable controllers, but in terms of viewing media, touch control will certainly come in handy when using it as a tablet. As for when Nintendo might give more information about the Switch’s touch screen capabilities, a media briefing is set for January 13th where the company will likely reveal more about the upcoming console, including launch titles and its release date.

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