Here are all the apps that will support Microsoft’s Surface Dial at launch

Surface Dial

For such a small device, one of the most interesting announcements to come out of Microsoft’s fall hardware event last week was the Surface Dial, a puck-like accessory that adds a host of functionality to the company’s upcoming all-in-one PC.

If you missed the keynote, Surface Dial is set to land alongside Surface Studio when it comes to Canada sometime next year. When sitting next to a Windows 10 PC, the accessory allows users to adjust global Windows settings like audio volume. By contrast, when picked up and placed on top of Surface Studio, Dial gains additional functionality depending on the app in use currently. Paired with Photoshop, for instance, the accessory allows users to zoom in on an image. Microsoft plans to update the Surface Pro and Surface Book to allow owners of those devices to use the accessory as well.

The company has updated to the U.S. Surface Dial store page with a complete list of first and third-party apps that will support the accessory at launch. Note that these are only the apps that will support Surface Dial on the date of its U.S. launch; more apps are sure to support the accessory by the time it arrives in Canada.

  • Revu
  • Drawboard PDF
  • Mental Canvas Player
  • Sketchable
  • Moho 12
  • Spotify
  • StaffPad
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office Win32)
  • OneNote (UWP version)
  • Windows Maps
  • Plumbago
  • Sketchpad
  • Groove Music
  • PewPew Shooter
  • Microsoft Photos
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop (basic zoom support)

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