Life blogging company Narrative is no longer shutting down

Narrative says that it is no longer completely shutting down and that all of its assets, digital and physical, have been acquired by “a group of people from the team of the former company.”

“No data will be deleted on October 31st, but there will be 1-2 days of downtime while it’s being transferred to the new company. There’s a risk of further disruptions the coming weeks while necessary adjustments are made,” said Narrative.

The company says that its service is no longer shutting down and that all apps and software will remain functional. Narriative, however, will soon start charging a small subscription fee.

“We’re financing the transition out of our own pockets and we’re doing this because we’re enthusiastic about Narrative. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to assume all the obligations of the former company. There is a small number of customers to the former company that have seen problems with their Clips. We can’t resolve any of those cases today, but we’ll try to find ways to offer repairs or other kinds of help, and hope to be able to provide information about this down the line.”

It’s unclear if Narrative’s new owners plan to start producing more Clips or if the company is working on a successor to the Clip 2.

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