iOS 10.2 beta adds 72 new emoji

iOS Emoji

On Monday, October 31st, Apple released the first developer preview of iOS 10.2. Among other things, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system brings with it a selection of new emoji.

In all, there are 72 new emoji to peruse, all coming courtesy of Unicode 9.0. Some of the more notable new additions include the shrug, facepalm and selfie emojis. There’s also a whiskey glass and a nightmare-inducing clown emoji.

Unicode 9.0 emoji

The Unicode Consortium, the group that, among other things, decides when new emoji get added, approved the 72 emoji found in Unicode 9.0 at the start of June. There are now 1,673 officially recognized emoji in the Unicode library.

Android smartphones on 7.1, currently only available on Google’s two new Pixel phones, have access to the 72 new emoji. So Pixel users and iOS developers are the only two groups of people that can communicate with one another using the new emoji.

In the lead up to the launch of iOS 10, Apple reworked the look some of the emoji found in its library. Most notably, the company turned the gun emoji into a water gun, which caused some controversy in the U.S.

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