Justin Trudeau is the third most followed world leader on Twitter

Justin Trudeau understands how to communicate with millennials: social media.

From the beginning of his time in public office, which began almost a year ago on November 4th, the Canadian Prime Minister leveraged Twitter as a key communications tool. In honour of his first year as PM, Twitter Canada has compiled some insights relating to Trudeau’s account.

Perhaps most notably, the network notes the PM is the third most followed world leader on the platform, outpaced by a significant margin by both U.S. President Barack Obama (78.5 million followers) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (23.9 million followers). Close behind Trudeau is French President Francois Hollande at 1.7 million followers.

1.2 million of Trudeau’s followers, states Twitter Canada, were gained after he was sworn in as PM.

Altogether, that’s over double the follower count of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who joined in July 2007. Trudeau has also sent 3.3 times more tweets than Harper since joining in March 2008.

In other Trudeau-related social media news, the Prime Minister signed up on the decidedly youthful social platform Snapchat recently, joining a very small group of fellow world leaders on the app.

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