Turn your Android phone into a Magic Wand with Google’s new Fantastic Beasts tie-in

fantastic beasts harry potter

With yet another Harry Potter movie on the horizon — though I’m still unsure how they’re making a full movie out of what is basically an encyclopedia for the Potter universe — Google is releasing a rather interesting movie tie-in for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

What Google is doing is essentially turning your smartphone into a magic wand. By using “Ok Google” voice commands, you’re able to make your phone turn on its flashlight with the “Lumos” spell, or turn it off with “Nox.” Also, casting the Silencing Charm, “Silenco,” turns off the phone’s ringer and its notifications.


Google also plans to add Google Street View tours of locations from the Fantastic Beasts film, allowing fans to visit Magical Congress of the USA, Pig speakeasy and various other places from the movie. Daydream View is playing a role in the promotional Fantastic Beasts initiative as well, with a Daydream VR Harry Potter experience set to launch alongside Google’s new virtual reality headset later this month. And finally, Allo users will be able to download a specific Fantastic Beasts sticker pack.

Co-marketing efforts like this always feel a little slimy, but at least when they’re clever, the embedded adds are a little easier to swallow and likely more effective.