Wind Mobile says ‘integrated offerings’ are coming that provide customers ‘with high value for their dollar’

Shaw announced its Q4 and year-end 2016 results today revealing that Wind Mobile, the wireless carrier it acquired last March for $1.4 billion, has racked up a total subscriber base of 1,043,288 (667,028 postpaid subscribers and 376,260 prepaid subscribers).

While this bump in subs is welcomed, most Wind Mobile customers are awaiting the launch of its LTE network. The carrier has already started to hint the LTE network will be turned on soon with the launch of LG’s V20, noting that it’s “the first phone future ready for upcoming WIND services like LTE and Wi-Fi calling.”

While there is not a specific date mentioned in its financial report, Shaw does say, “significant progress has been made on our path towards an LTE Advanced network as we continue to integrate our hybrid fibre-coax, WiFi and wireless facilities to create a seamless converged network that is more efficient and cost effective.”

Shaw also says, “In time, customers can expect to see integrated offerings that provide them with high value for their dollar in terms of the quality of coverage and seamless connectivity experience.”

There is no indication yet if the monthly rates will increase. Wind Mobile’s current Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) is $37.40 per month.

In addition Shaw says, “The LTE Advanced network will be built using WIND’s AWS-3 spectrum licences for which there is
currently not a robust handset ecosystem. This ecosystem may not emerge on a timeframe that matches the planned rollout of our planned LTE Advanced network.”

The recently released LG V20 is currently the only device compatible with AWS-3 band 66 on Wind Mobile’s LTE network. Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 does not support band 66.

Shaw has been rumoured to launch its LTE network late 2016 or early 2017.

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