Hype is the latest live streaming vying for your attention


Undeterred by the impending demise of their first app, Vine co-founders Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov have just launched their latest project, a video streaming app called Hype.

While it may be tempting to pronounce Hype dead on arrival (after all, it seems someone forgot to give the Hype team the memo about Meerkat), Kroll and Yusupov hope their new app will differentiate itself with a thoughtful feature set that goes beyond what main competitors Periscope and Facebook Live have on offer.

To start, Hype allows users to easily insert other media into their live steam. Drawing from their iPhone’s camera roll, Hype users can share supplementary videos, images and GIFs. Similarly, users can also play music from their iTunes library, as well as add text, emoji and themed background a la Snapchat and Instagram.

When it comes to how hosts can interact with their audience, Hype also sets itself apart in that aspect as well. For instance, hosts can start polls, asking the audience for their opinion on a given topic, and feature comments they like. The app also offers a lot of customization in how hosts can present their videos.

Hype is currently only available on the iPhone; Download it from the iTunes App Store.

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