New Windows 10 build for ‘Mobile Insiders’ will make future updates a lot faster

Windows 10 build 14959 is now rolling out to ‘Insiders,’ bringing with it a new feature for mobile users called Unified Update Platform (UUP) that will make system updates a whole lot faster and more seamless. The feature is set to hit the full range of Microsoft’s Windows devices — PCs, tablets, phones, IoT devices and Hololens headsets — but will begin rolling out for mobile users.

One of the biggest benefits of the update, says the company in a blog post, is the reduction users will see in download size on PCs. The downloads are generally around 4GB and comprise a complete in-place upgrade. With UUP, only the differences between the old version and the new will be downloaded — a simple change that makes the process a whole lot more streamlined. Microsoft says that some PC users can even expect their download size to go down by as much as 35 percent.

The company also notes that UUP should make checking for updates faster, as more of the processing related to figuring out whether a patch is needed will be done in the cloud, rather than on the device — something that the company says is especially important for devices built on the mobile OS.

“We’ve also taken concepts that existed in the PC world and have extended them to mobile,” states Microsoft, noting that rather than having two install several separate updates if you were backlogged, the OS will now be able to gather them together so that users can update their system all at once.

The update is set to come PC Insider builds later this year, with IoT and Hololens following shortly after.

[source]Microsoft[/source][via]Ars Technica[/via]