Samsung takes new measures to ensure remaining Note 7 smartphones are returned

Note 7

Samsung New Zealand is preparing to take a drastic measure to ensure any remaining Note 7 units out in the wild are returned to its possession.

Starting today, the company will contact in-country Note 7 owners to inform them that their smartphones will no longer be able to connect to any network in New Zealand after November 18th.

“We strongly urge any customers still using their Note7 to return their device to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement. Between November 4th – 18th, we will contact our customers on at least two separate occasions with information about this network discontinuation event to ensure they have received adequate notice,” says Samsung New Zealand on its website.

Samsung New Zealand isn’t the only part of the company dealing with stubborn Note 7 owners. In a statement issued to Gizmodo, Samsung America said it’s “considering many options to ensure that all remaining Note7 devices in customers’ hands get returned as smoothly as possible.”

We’ve reached out to Samsung to find out if the company will do something similar here in Canada. Stay tuned.

Samsung permanently halted production of the Note 7 after a number of replacement units caught fire in the U.S. Following the phone’s second recall, the Note 7 was banned from all North American flights.

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