SyrupCast 94: Why the big three don’t want to keep things neutral

On this episode of the Syrupcast, co-hosts Igor BonifacicJessica Vomiero and Patrick O’Rourke are joined by renowned Canadian tech journalist, Peter Nowak, who comes on the podcast to discuss the CRTC’s stance on net neutrality. The CRTC hearings on differential pricing for Canadian data plans started this past week and the team weighs in on where the big telecom companies currently stand on the issue.

The Syrupcast squad also talks to Peter about his thoughts on the latest Apple event and where he thinks both Apple and Microsoft as companies are headed.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team’s thoughts and jump in the comments to tell us what you think about our latest episode.

Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Jessica Vomiero, Patrick O’Rourke and Peter Nowak

Duration: 29:53

Differential pricing rundown: 1:35

Microsoft is Apple: 21:45

Shoutouts: 28:15

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Music credit: Jimmy Fontanez – Dub Hub