Samsung Canada remotely updates recalled Note 7s and limits to 60 percent total battery capacity

Since the middle of the summer of 2016, Samsung has faced a number of challenges, most notably a worldwide recall of their latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. While the recall is mostly completed, Samsung’s decision for Note 7 owners who didn’t want to part with their devices was to cap their phones battery capacities to avoid incendiary overheating.

Samsung has finally pushed out the update to Canadian Note 7 owners. From now on, even stubborn Note owners who wish to keep their recalled devices will be limited to only 60 percent of the original battery capacity of the phone.


Airlines and transport authorities have been swift to ban the use of Note 7 devices on airplanes, and owners who haven’t completed their returns are prohibited from selling or giving away their recalled phones by law. If other moves by Samsung, like the official recall and repeated warnings haven’t convinced Note 7 owners to send in their phones, perhaps only being able to use about half its original capacity will be the last straw.