It looks like Gold and Silver generation Pocket Monsters are coming to Pokémon Go


If you’ve given up on Pokémon Go, it looks like Niantic has plans to pull you back in.

According to some industrious data-miners who uncovered unused code in the latest update to Pokémon Go, hundreds of new Pokémon from the franchise’s second generation of games, Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, including classics like Chikorita, Typhlosion (pictured above) and Suicune, are headed to the augmented reality mobile game.

Files for Ditto, one of the original 150 creatures that was not included in Pokémon Go initial launch, have also shown up in this update. It’s unclear when Niantic actually plans to add more Pokemon to the game, but if the code has appeared in the latest update to the game, odds are they’re arriving soon.

When Niantic officially announces that Pokémon Go is set to get more creatures, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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[via]Business Insider[/via]