YouTube adds support for HDR videos

In preparation for a future in which ultra high quality cat videos are the norm, YouTube has added support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on its platform.

HDR videos exceed standard dynamic range, which is limited by the use of a conventional gamma curve. While those terms are highly technical, the end result is simple: HDR videos have higher contrast and support a wider color gamut.


Of course, to view HDR videos through the site, users will need an HDR TV and potentially a streaming device such as the Chromecast Ultra or Roku Ultra. The company also notes that HDR streaming is soon going to be available on all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs, and says it will work with partners to enable streaming of HDR content as more HDR-enabled devices hit the market.

Some of the pioneering YouTubers to produce this new HDR content include MysteryGuitarMan and Abandon Visuals. For those who haven’t made the leap to HDR as of yet, their videos — and any HDR YouTube video — will also be fully viewable in SDR.

Image credit: YouTube (Note: this comparison is a simulation. Seeing true HDR can only be done on an HDR display.)

[source]Official YouTube Blog[/source]