Compatibility docs hint Google might ban third-party fast-charging in upcoming Android devices

Fast-charging is useful, allowing users to charge their phones significantly in just a few minutes, but in some cases it can also be dangerous, causing batteries to overheat. This is partially because there are so many hardware standards out there for the technology, with various Android manufactures opting for their own proprietary format.

Google has silently updated its Android compatibility definition document with recommendations on hardware specifications for future phones, including the use of USB Type-C. It looks like Google wants Android manufacturers to stick with USB Power Delivery standards, rather than their own proprietary technology.

Most third-party fast-charging technology adopts Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech, which is now in its third generation, 3.0. MediaTek also offers Pump Express fast-charging technology.

“Type-C devices are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to not support proprietary charging methods that modify Vbus voltage beyond default levels, or alter sink/source roles as such may result in interoperability issues with the chargers or devices that support the standard USB Power Delivery methods. While this is called out as ‘STRONGLY RECOMMENDED,’ in future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers.”

It looks like Google is planning stricter rules when it comes to Android devices and fast-charging technology, with plans to possibly force manufactures to adopt one type of fast-charging in the future.

[via]Android Police[/via][source]Google[/source]